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The tech disruptor on the move.

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 Melitta Ngalonkul

She is an evangelist for purpose-driven business. 

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She is a champion of sustainable impact through more effective digital strategy.

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I'm Benji. An energetically intentional polymath with an insatiable curiosity for change and choice.

A peculiar product of a generation hungry to continuously learn and grow. This has led me on an incredible journey this far...

A track record that includes top-tier firms such as 

Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 

Singular GroupWorld Economic Forum (WEF), HSBCHollard InsuranceVodafone & Ziggo and KPN.


With a global flavour, having lived and worked in South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands.

A strong entrepreneurial mindset to outperform, an uncanny ability to bring clarity for better decision making, and a balanced risk appetite, I help people achieve and make choices more confidently.

I have a determination to make more people, including myself, more satisfied with their responses to life, work and love. In the end, that too is a decision. Let's work together on making more daring decisions for life satisfaction. 

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Daddy says no

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Daddy says no

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